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As the Alex Smith saga continues to play out before our eyes Womens Dwayne Haskins Jersey , all thoughts are surrounding what the Redskins should do at quarterback both for the present and future of the franchise. Many feel a new head coach, if one is actually selected, would like to have a say for the franchiseís next signal caller. If Jay Gruden returns for another season at the helm, some wonder if Colt McCoy will be the guy for the immediate future, until either Alex Smith returns, or a new rookie is broken in.Regardless of who the coach is, the Skins are going to have to plan for the future at the most important position on the field.Enter Teddy Bridgewater.The former first round pick of the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL Draft, Bridgewater is currently serving as a backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans. At just 26 years old, Teddy has plenty of good years left in him, and if he can become the passing threat he was developing into before the horrific knee injury, some lucky team may just find its pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.The Saints did trade a third round pick to the Jets in exchange for Bridgewater and a sixth round pick this past August, and the thought process may be that he can become the eventual replacement for Drew Brees after the 2019 season. However, if a team is willing to offer Teddy a contract to be a starter Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , heíd be crazy not to take advantage in free agency.If the Redskins get bad news regarding Alex Smith, and have little faith in Colt McCoy, Bridgewater could be a viable option on a short-term prove-it contract. If he indeed does prove it, the Skins could look to extend him well into his 30ís. Hogs Haven takes a look at 2019 NFL Draft prospects who could contribute to the Redskins"Jaylen Smith, WRSchool: Louisville | Conference: ACCCollege Experience: Senior | Age: 22?Height / Weight: 6-2 / 219 lbsProjected Draft Status: 6th or 7th RoundNFL Comparison: Jalen TolliverCollege StatisticsPlayer OverviewJaylen Smith was 3-star prospect from Pascagoula, Mississippi. He received offers from Ole Miss, Cincinnati, and Nebraska but chose Louisville because of their fast paced spread offense and because he knew he would get opportunities early in his career. Smithís college career really took off during Lamar Jacksonís Heisman winning season in 2016. In that epic season Smithís receiving yardage total was 4th best on the team but his touchdown total was 2nd on the team. The following year the chemistry between Jackson and Smith improved further and lead to Smithís best statistical year in his career. Many (possibly Smith himself) think that he should have declared early instead of staying for his senior season. The momentum of the season was with him but he ultimately decided to go back to school because of a wrist injury that would not have allowed him to compete very much in the offseason. Weighing the risk of being labeled with a red flag due to injury he decided to take his chances and go back to school. Smiths numbers declined sharply with a new QB after Jackson left and unfortunately he had an unremarkable season. Smith has some upside and we can see that in his 2017 tape. He can be a contributor at the next level with a QB that can get him the ball.Strengths Excellent size, length, and good speed for the position.Reliable pass catcher when itís delivered to him between the numbers uses his size and speed to create separation in his routes. Has a possession receiver mentality underneath and looks to gain more yards after the catch and uses his body to do so but also has the straight line speed to challenge defenses vertically and can produce chunk plays. Has the ability to play outside and make plays in the slot. Routes could use polish but are effective, not sloppy, plus he makes decent cuts that aid in separation. Release off the LOS is smooth and he can accelerate to top speed pretty quickly. Has the length and size to make those harder catches outside his frameWeaknessesDrop off from 2016/2017 to 2018 is significant not just in stats but in competitive nature and fire. Teams will want to make sure of which version of the player they are getting before they spend any draft pick.Has some obvious stiffness in his movements and could have better body control and overall ability to adjust to the ball when its delivered in tough places. Will give up on some throws instead if fight for them to ensure the defense doesnít get to it.No one skill really stands out above the rest and against the average baseline.Wish he was more physical as a blocker for his teammates. Letís see his work: Fit On The RedskinsSmith has some clear limitations and I think his ceiling is probably a contributor as a WR4 at the next level. He doesnít seem to have some of the key abilities to really take large and significant steps forward regarding his abilities as a player. I think he can improve his route running and blocking ability which could led to him getting on the field more but those are labors related to effort and will. Heíll have to do that anyway on special teams if he wants to make a roster. Iím sure no one was more disappointed in their senior season than Smith was. There were clear moments of frustration from him last season but I hope he has convinced NFL teams that he has moved past that adversity and is willing to put it the work to get better despite what NFL situation he ends up in. I like his size and straight line speed and think he can be effective at all 3 levels of the field as heís shown in college. Heíll have to fight for his opportunities against other height / weight / speed guys like Cam Simms and Robert Davis on the roster though. Optimistically Smith could surprise in camp and could surprise some more if heís able to make plays in scrimmages and in the preseason. Physically he seems to fit the mold of some of the WRs the Redskins have drafted late or signed as UDFAs recently.

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